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Flash Alert Calling & Messages


As you know iPhone with features of an incoming call flash is quite useful and recognize the needs of users, we have launched the call flashlight app blink flash when a call comes for Android devices . This is will flash an incoming call and sms for android best, help you flash warning incoming calls and messages.Now every time there is a call and a message to have LED flash and inform you know a call and incoming messages, help you not miss calls and important messages.
You often ignored the calls because no attention but with software blinking flash when a call comes in will help you not to ignore any calls. LED flashes when an incoming call and message helps you pay attention to the phone easier. No longer afraid to ignore those important calls from partners, lovers, friends ... with application blink when the flash device.
Key features indicator lights for calls and messages:
- A flash of an incoming call for free and best android- Adjust the speed of the blink of flash as the flash of an incoming call iphone.- You can turn off the lights flash to warn the regime "Silence" and "Vibration"- You can turn off the lights flash rapidly blink of an incoming call by shaking the phone.- Allow blinking flash override the notification from other applications such as flashing lights flash when it was announced facebook.- As calling applications like flash strobe iphone- Select intervals of not using flashing lights flash when a call and a message.- Free- Capacity slightly easily download flash application flashes when a call and a message on the machine.
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